Phyllis - Resident

Could life be any better when offered the following activities: – daily coached exercises – gourmet meals – weekly Happy Hour – concerts – movies with popcorn – field trips – roof top garden. Breakfasts are additional events: residents with varied careers, interests and travel jaunts, share their experiences.  

Cathy & John - Residents

The staff, from the roof to the garage, have our interests at heart, and they make sure that we are aware of the activities available “at home”, and those in the community. Our life here, has been a great experience.

Kerry Harty

Two weeks ago we arrived at OPH with my 86 year old father. Due to the poor care he was receiving living in Calgary, he was emaciated, sick, and his mental health was deteriorating rapidly. He could barely walk into the facility and we thought there was no way he would be able to figure out the elevator fob or when it was time to go for meals. His conversation was barely intelligible and he lacked any kind of self confidence.

In just two weeks he has improved so much it is hard to believe it is the same man! He goes down for his meals regularly to join the other seniors and has made new friends. Everyday we ask him what he had to eat and he will always proclaim “it was the best _______ he has ever had in his life”! He loves the food and has gained a lot of weight. He now walks regularly down to the Promenade and he is walking upright with confidence. On Thursday he went to “Happy Hour” and had a wonderful time.

I wish I could single out one of your team for a special thanks but quite honestly they are all wonderful. From the staff at the front desk to the service staff in the dining room to the Chef who comes out and personally talks with my father, to the outstanding nurses who are so kind and caring. The entire experience has been so amazing for my father and for my family. It makes us so happy to see my Dad getting healthy again. According to him, he is “the happiest he has ever been”. This is because of you and the staff at OPH.

Thank you for looking after my father!